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    The Cinderella Procedure® – by Dr. Ali Sadrieh

    When it came to redesigning bunion surgery we didn’t stop with developing a new procedure, we created an entirely new philosophy: Form, Function, and Beauty. These are the three principles that set the standard for excellence in bunion correction. With the evofoot bunion correction, we get the foot back to the correct form, which allows it to function well. Keeping true to our heritage, evofoot bunion surgery is designed and performed with keeping the aesthetic appearance as a priority as important as function.


    Our procedure builds on the techniques of renowned podiatric surgeons with a new perspective: provide patients with an advanced bunion correction that allows for a comfortable, functional recovery process, and a beautiful “open-toe shoe friendly” result.

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  • Incision, Dissection, Osteotomy, Fixation, Closure. 


    To create a new bunionectomy, we had to take what's already good, and make it better. Modern bunion surgery typically involves an osteotomy, a controlled cut of the bone that allows for a reduction in the inter-metatarsal angle.


    Over the past 30 years, surgeons have developed a variety of cuts improving each design for increased stability. Most of these however are still unstable without fixation, and require the patient to stay non-weight bearing for up to 8 weeks.


    We developed a technique that utilizes a hybrid osteotomy, a stable cut with internal fiaxtion, allowing our patients to walk with a surgical shoe shortly after their procedure (1).

  • Cinderella wishes she had it this good!

    The signature evofoot side incision technique.

    Part of every aesthetic bunion surgery.

    When we introduced the concept of aesthetic foot surgery back in 2001, a new standard was introduced for excellence in bunion surgery. Obtaining a functional result is what every surgeon strives for, making a functional result beautiful is part of the core our our mission on every procedure we perform.


    That's because we believe part of our obligation to you is to develop new procedures that hide our work. This is what makes the famous Cinderella Procedure® special. For the first time, you could get a bunion correction and not worry about wearing your beautiful open toe shoes because of the surgical scar.


    So every bunion and tailor's bunion procedure we perform, includes our signature plastic surgical, side incision.

  • "It's all about the details.

    We obsess over the details."

    Functional foot surgery without an aesthetically pleasing result can lead to a disappointed patient. We develop all of our procedures merging the best of two specialties, advanced foot surgery with modern plastic surgical techniques.


    No detail is too small, which is why we implement the most advanced technologies to help get you better results. Think of it as foot surgery... for the 21st century.

    Silver anti-microbial dressings

    Slow release silver ions (Ag+) with absorbent alginate dressing reduces bacterial growth.

    PRP stem cell treatment

    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) stem cell application included to advance healing.

    Modern scar management

    Atraumatic soft tissue handling, sub-cuticular closure & topical silicone scar treatment.

  • Super Bunion. Super Fixation.

    Titanium, the Super Metal.

    To further enhance our bone cut, we added internal screw fixation. Studies show that bone healing with compressive fixation shows significant advantages (2).


    We use the new generation of low profile compression screws from Stryker, a leader in innovative technologies in orthopedic surgery. This system implements the most advanced screw design using surgical grade titanium. Titanium is the metal of choice for orthopedic fixation and implants because it is inert in the human body, immune to attack from bodily fluids, compatible with bone growth, and strong yet light, making it the most biocompatible of all metals (3).


    With an elastic modulus similar to bone this metal shares the skeletal load more evenly. And finally, it is non-ferromagnetic (non-magnetic) allowing patients to safely get examined with MRI technology.

  • Get into shoes faster,

    get back to life sooner.

    Modern procedures + Advanced fixation systems = Shorter more comfortable experience

    Time before getting foot wet

    The average time for skin to heal is 2-3 weeks. Once the incisions are healed you can get your foot wet.

    Time before resuming normal activity

    After the 4th or 5th week, when x-rays show quality bone healing, you can begin transitioning to normal activity (4).

    Time before getting back to work

    Once the skin is healed, you wear athletic shoes for 2 more weeks. During this time you can get back to work (5).

    Average pain during recovery

    Our average post op patient, pain scale questionnaires show that greater than 90% of our patients have little or no pain post op!

  • Summary

    •  Preventative bunion surgery

       & correction

    •  Hidden side incision technique

    •  Addresses bunion deformities as well

       as a solution for preventative treatment

    •  Reduced “post-operative limitations”


    •  Virtually painless recovery

    •  Permanent procedure

    •  Can be perfomed under local


    •  Can address wide feet that prevent the

       comfortable wearing of shoes



    •  3.0 mm titanium compression

       screw fixation system
    •  No external fixation (no K-Wires sticking

       out of the foot post op)
    •  Minimum evidence of surgery (plastic

       surgical closure)
    •  2-3 weeks in a surgical shoe
    •  2-4 weeks in an athletic shoe
    •  State-of-the-Art, JCAHO Accredited

       Surgical Facility
    •  Performed by the evofoot surgeons


    •  24/7 access to surgeon mobile phone

    •  Patient concierge

    •  Complimentary surgery day driver

    •  Complimentary post op kit

    •  Complimentary scar management kit

    •  Complimentary shower dry sock

    •  Complimentary compression stocking 

    •  PRP Stem Cell Treatment included


  • Important Notes

    (1) This estimate is based on excellent bone quality, density that is determined in surgery; while walking post-op it is important to keep pressure off the surgical site.


    (2) Bone heals via the primary bone healing mechanism with compressive internal fixation which can bypass the 2° callus formation which is a slower pathway.


    (3) Emsley, John (2001). "Titanium". Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide to the Elements. Oxford, England, UK: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-850340-7.


    (4) This time estimate is based on the average patient, you may heal slower or experience increased swelling delaying the ability to wear regular shoes and return to normal activity.


    (a) Average patient recovery compared to traditional techniques that require K-Wire fixation, or cast immobilization.


    (b) Incision must be healed before sutures can be taken out and foot can get wet, this time can vary.


    (c) Inflammatory response and swelling can increase this time, steps will be taken to reduce if symptoms present.